Iris Nijenhuis designs are mainly ready-to-wear, but you can puzzle your own piece in her DIY-workshops. Combine your favourite colours in a cheerful bracelet, brooch or pair of earrings! Or puzzle your own necklace, for instance in a unique shape: short/long, symmetrical/asymmetrical.

One base, but no definite shape. Nothing is pre-determined, it is only suggested. The concept is for the curious, for those who secretly touch the fur coat of the stranger on the train. Just to rate the softness. The collection triggers personal fantasy and invites to interpretate the options freely. It ́s suitale for all ages and gender.

Workshops can be attended
– at Iris’ atelier at Prinseneiland 24-A1
– during specific events
– on other locations on request, for bigger groups
The price depends on what you want to make, you pay for what you are bringing home. Most options are between €25,- and €75,-. Bigger pieces are possible on request.

Next workshops:

January 25th | Iris Nijenhuis HQ | 12.00-15.00
February 16th | Iris Nijenhuis HQ | 12.00-15.00 (full)
March 14th | Iris Nijenhuis HQ | 12.00-15.00
April 7th | Buurtvereniging Overveen | 13.30-15.30

Check availability via:
There might be other dates available to join in, so feel free to contact me.

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